Caution on Integrity

Those who claim integrity touch anxiety in me about the comprehension of our faith.

Though I seek it, I’m nervous of integrity.

Though I need it I can never reach perfection.

Life in inherent unity teaches us that none of us can be fully human until all are fully human.

We use subordinate words too easily, without regard to the ordinate, the fundamental integrity of the globe.

The awesome universal sustained creativity, is the context for the lesser search to deal with just a part of wholeness in each minute particular of our fiduciary task.

There is an ordinate covenant with everything under the rainbow that holds subordinate corporate completeness as a distinct passage in the greater text;

and, equally subordinate, the intimate sense of inter-dependence, my own first faltering steps to aspirations

that tackle local earthly matters and yet touch the spheres.

There is an urgency to find appropriate language for reaching to and through complexity,

not excluding externalities hidden and overt, seeking genuine inclusiveness, replacing conceit in achievement at a lower place.

Take everyone’s interests seriously; evoke response-ability; build just enterprise, tackle your ‘business ethic’,

but fail not to feel its tension with the greater call of ‘ethics in business’.

Form dynamic living systems not rigid machinations; thus make inclusive and sustainable community and company,

and leave integrity to the conceits of fools or to the one God of Shalom, of Torah, of Tawhid, of land, and wealth, and governance, of Covenant and Jubilee.

then, all being ‘in Christ, in the kin[g]dom way, shall all be made alive.’

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