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BOOKS – new and revisited

Prof. John M Hull ‘In the Steps of Jesus’ A reflection on the lack of prophetic ministry in the church

Malcolm Torry [Rev. Dr.] 2015 . 101 WAYS to achiene a basic Income

David Rhodes [REV.] 2015 – Mr Goldman – A Parable : novel about financial disarray

James Quilligan – ‘The Commons: Catalyst for Monetary Adjustment’ 2012

Simon Mouatt – 2012

Charles Eisenstein –‘Sacred Economics’ 2012

Roger Dowley,’Towards the Recovery of a lost Bequest’ 1984

Martin Large – Common Wealth

Pat Conaty – ‘The Resilience Imperative 2012’

Fred Harrison – ‘The Traumatised Society’ 2012; ‘As Evil Does’  2015

# PETER DOMINY‘Decoding Mammon’ 2012 – wide referencing to money as an insidious instrument commodifying everything – Mammon as ‘all possessions’!!! –wide promotion

Positive Money and NEF – ‘Where does Money Come From?’ 2013

Prof. Tim Gorringe –

Prof.Michael Northcott –

Bp. Peter Selby – ‘Grace and Mortgage’ and 2014 ‘An Idol Unmasked’

Rodney Shakespeare and Peter Challen – ‘Seven Steps to Justice’ 2002

D Bollier & S Helfrich – ‘The Wealth of the Commons – a world beyond Market and State’ 2013

Frances Hutchinson – ‘The New Home Economics Talks’

Exceptional sermons = The Collaborators and  Anti-Epiphany Lucy Winkett and Hugh Valentine

Alan Race, Tony Bayfield and Ataullah |Siddiqui ‘Beyond The Dysfunctional Family‘

Bollier and Helfrich ‘The Wealth of the Commons – A World Beyond Market and State’

Walter Bruggemann – The Land Place as Gift, Promise and Challenge in Biblical Faith’

Jubilee Centre Papers

Mother Pelican Papers

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