A Basic Position – Shared with Occupy (UK)

The human spirit is being ground down by the escalating challenges of existence within a hostile economic framework.

We need to fix the structure. [SEE “The Traumatised Society- how to outlaw cheating and save our civilisation”  Fred Harrison 2012 and the Ten Theses on the Statecraft of Greed www.sharetherents.org/theses]

There is systemic destruction of the environment which is a product of property rights and interest on money. The mechanism for valuing future returns is discounted cash flow (DCF) which varies according to interest rates. The effect is that we discount our future, ie. more value is placed on the present than the future. A forest is worth more when logged and turned into timber than preserved/conserved for future generations – that is a function of interest. Land and its resources are gifts from nature (God) and private ownership of what are communal resources has destroyed civilisations in the past. These are the two fundamental drivers of inequality and environmental destruction.

The solution is to capture the bounty from the land for the common good and establish an interest free money system. This will remove the drivers of many of the social and environmental problems we face today. We’ve arrived at this through the work we’ve been doing in the Critical Thinking project over the last year and are now basic Position working on a blueprint for the New Economy found on three principles:

   Sharing the rents from land and resources (managing them for the greater good)
    Abolition of interest (see Margrit Kennedy’s Interest and Inflation Free Money)
    Citizens income (means to life independent of employment)

The alternative is descent into chaos civil unrest/WWIII etc.

Take time to view a 9.44 minute address by the Chairman to an inter-faith seminar in a House of Lords Committee room in 2010 on INCLUSIVE JUSTICE.  http://tinyurl.com/63l3ryr


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