Matters in the Air: date tba

Notes from Global Table meeting on Monday 4th September 2023
Here also are links to Forthcoming Events and the Events Archive

Until 2018 we used to have weekly meetings, and Rev Canon Peter Challen used to set out an agenda in advance consisting of items for discussion, recorded on this website as “Matters in the Air”. Since then Peter has continued to send out regular emails each with an important items for consideration. It has now been proposed to re-commence with monthly meetings. Accordingly, following personal introductions by those present, here are the postings received during September 2023, from which we can prioritise items for consideration:

Mother Pelican: September 2023
Thoughts On The Real Meaning Of Credit and Debt
Oneness Beings
American Monetary Institute Newsletter: 2023 Conference on Morality & Money
Holos-Earth ‘Pilgrimage to Wholenss’ – Becoming reIndigenous – session four
One Day Conference: Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to faith?
The Holos Project – workshop Thu 21st Sept 2023
Understanding what CBDCs mean for our monetary system
From a Group Discussion on the outcome of the G2 Assembly
Freyja Theaker: Natural Wealth Workshop Oct 28-29th 2023

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