Flowing from the three spring inter-faith seminars on Covenant and a Theology of Land’ as explored in‘The Traumatised Society – How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Civilisation’ by Fred Harrison 2012 and appraised through a wide network of critics. The author is a Christian, Economist and  Investigative Journalist. Each Thesis is expanded in its own related article. Full set on www.sharetherents.org/theses

Thesis #1  Dynamics of the Statecraft of Greed The West shaped a global civilization whose operating mechanism is a culture of greed. Societies are regulated by a statecraft that is incapable of adopting the policies needed to challenge the existential crises of the 21 century. Financial mechanisms that would enrich people’s lives are politically taboo. Democracy must be reconceived as a therapeutic process, empowering people to escape the trauma inflicted when their ancestors were ruptured from authentic cultures and natural habitats. Dynamics of the Statecraft of Greed [PDF


Thesis #2  – The Cheating State. Human rights and the Welfare State are abused to consolidate the power of those who are enriched by the culture of entitlements. Shorn of corresponding obligations, that culture corrodes morality, hollows out family life and degrades the economy. To reverse social decline, the statecraft that legitimises “transfer incomes” must be challenged, to emancipate people so that all may live by their labour. The integrity of public property rights needs to be restored, and the social contract revised to affirm personal responsibilities. Evolutionary progress is not possible when people are denied the right to create their own authentic culture. Read the full thesis »

Thesis #3  –  Divine Right & Betrayal of the Covenant    Corrupted power must be tamed if humanity is to progress to the next phase of evolution. Early humans engaged with the divine life to arm themselves with the moral code that made it possible to create their social galaxy within the natural universe. Today, the Covenant with God, married to quantum physics, offers a cosmology that would restore the discipline needed to trigger further evolution. First, we must renegotiate the social contract to establish an authentic people’s democracy. Read the full thesis »

Thesis ♯4 Mortal Taxes or a Life of Liberty   Nations that want to flourish must relearn the secret of the strong State. That strength is not based on military fire-power. It stems from the creative power of people. Their  energy, which is mortally degraded by taxation, is emancipated when the public’s finances are based on the rents that people   are willing to pay to use the services of nature and society.  Mortal Taxes or a Life of Liberty [PDF]

Thesis #5 The Pathology of Money Money acquires the power to pollute politics and injure people’s lives when laws are subordinated to the culture of cheating. Monetary reform cannot occur without an informed consensus behind the need to re-socialise rents, and re-privatise earned incomes. Democratising a nation’s finances would eliminate the incentives that drive governments into debt and people into abject poverty. The Pathology of Money [PDF]

Thesis #6 The Art of Political Rip Offs  The world is on the cusp of the greatest redistribution of income in history. Infrastructure, which originated as a life-force, sent its value flowing through the ages to endow people with richer lives. When that social value was diverted into private pockets, people were cheated and their civilisations imploded. That catastrophe is once again unfolding in our midst. The Art of Political Rip-offs [PDF]

Thesis #7 The Woman’s Lot  Their formative role in the evolution of the human species was secured by customs and practices that guaranteed to females the right of access to the resources of nature. This enabled women to fulfil their functions at the heart of the family hearth. Their rights were degraded when the sacred status of land was profaned. A culture of violence replaced society’s nurturing, life-affirming processes. Re-allotting the right to share in nature’s and society’s riches is the pre-condition for resolving the war between the sexes.

Thesis #8 Just Prices and the Riches of Nature  The dispute over whether humans are responsible for raising global temperatures is a dangerous distraction. The fatal damage inflicted on the habitats of all species cannot be contested. The financial reforms that would terminate that abusive behaviour would also discipline the activities that generate toxic gases. But holistic reform depends on people’s willingness to recognise obligations to others as well as to nature. The stakes are high: current rates of income mal-distribution and resource depletion are undermining civilisation.#8: Just Prices and the Riches of Nature

 Thesis #9   Induced Ignorance & Social Change Our community of nations needs a new doctrine of human rights. For in their present forms the nation-state, parliamentary governance and the rule of law do not authentically reflect people’s needs. England, more than any other nation, shaped the foundations of our globalised civilisation, but her people did not consent to the Social Contract that was crafted to favour the feudal aristocracy. A new Social Contract would empower people to create the quality-of-life that fulfils their aspirations. #9: Induced Ignorance & Social Change

 Thesis #10 due in April…. 





10 Theses :  The corrupting power of taxation is exposed in 10 theses that establish the need for an authentic reform of High Finance. If the evidence is convincing, please endorse our Cheating Index.


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