Global Table

Global Table

The Global Tables are an open outreach activity of CCMJ.
We will list here other Global Tables who link to us.

The London Global Table,
every Wednesday 12-2 in the School of Economic Science 11 Mandeville Place, near Bond St Station, London, chaired by Peter Challen.

Phone Peter in advance if you wish to let him know you are coming on 020 7207 0509. However, it is not necessary to book, simply to sign in in the entrance Hall.

Every week a notice of ‘matters in the air’ is emailed to a list of sometime participants in the Table’s networking.

Inform Peter Challen if you would like to be added to the list.

Prior to each meeting there is every Wednesday also a forum 10-12 that keeps to the agenda of the Independent Constitutionalists; and on the second Wednesday of each month examines the evolving strategy and its presentation on the website

THUS WE CONTINUE REFLECTING on the value of these three perspectives in our quest for inclusive justice?

1. The Christian Council for Monetary Justice [CCMJ] – examining enduring wisdom and contemporary evidence about money and its effect on society – utilising resources of the enduring wisdom like current evidence, scriptures, histories, valued publications

2. London Global Open Table[LGOT] – providing an open forum for serving a wider network with a point of weekly reference. All are welcome to send items for ‘Matters in the Air’ to indicate where our dialogue and action might take in this particular week:

3. The 2015Constitutionalists – advancing a targeted initiative by ‘principled pragmatism’ to take viable, if difficult, steps towards weaving politics and economics – governance and vital trading – into a Peoples Political Economy of Trusteeship, set in Harmony with Nature.
The 2015 Constitutionalists Charter is an incremental, imperfect process of evolving a People’s Political Economy of Inter-Generational Trusteeship in Harmony with Nature. See the Introduction to the Project, which is subject to ongoing amendment.  See also the latest draft of the 2015C Compendium of Constitutionalists thinking and Glossary of words and their usage: – please respond with suggestions to improve this..

Inevitably there is overlap between each mode of approach.  Each and all add richness to our searching.

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