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Further Notes for Links page in development (dating from April 2011)

Greg Fisher.

Community allocation system.

The collection of economic rent for the community. CEJ.

Binary economics and universal capital trusts.

Living systems group.

Identified projects which seek to relates economics to complexity.

The simplest formula love ‘God and love the neighbour.’

Hayek and Keynes both right, but simplistic because not set within complexity [chemistry and biology .]

Quantum theology.

Polyani 1944 – basis if Bowman chapter

Now is the time – fierce urgency of now –planetary limits


Spiral Dynamics – ? Ken Wilber

Pre-conventional 10% Conventional 80% Postconventional 10% – 1 and 3 often confused

Institute for New Economics. INET

Institute for interest-free economics. KLCMJ

Robert Johnson at Bretton Woods

Rev.. John McPherson, MarkYate

H ELLYER “Victory for the World” – second longest member of the privy Council second longest serving member of the privy Council

Google Will Abraham – Snowshoe films – attended AMI Confs.

Google McGeer, Gerald Canada.

The Michael Journal.

Susan Blackmore, Prof Bristol Uni

Michael Sinclair from COMER and Canadian Action Party – Green party for public creation of money.

COMER– human capital – government created credit – financial capital – accrual accounting/capital accounting – ‘dominant revenue’.

Rodney Shakespeare – Democratic and demographic revolution

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