‘Islam’ and being in ‘Christ’

Islam’ and being ‘in Christ’

‘submission to God’,
as the unity of all apposites,
discounting opposites that divide,
thus, we are
brothers and sisters in humanity first,
only then,
brothers and sisters in our own traditions;
serving both science,
as the study of parts, and
religion, as the commitment to the whole,
seeking seriously a greater integrity,
working out patterns of earth-keeping
that work for everyone and protect the earth.

A time-bomb ticks, a fuse burns stealthily,
as credit monopoly, founded in compound interest-bearing debt,
makes rampant climate change inevitable.

Now epidemical debt
clogs the communal respiratory system
affecting the vital breath of justice
in a population of six billion people,
on a planet threatening, in tsunami scale,
to pass the tipping point.
If we confess the divine spark,
then it depends on us to rediscover
simple abundance and prosperous simplicity,
promised in grace,
and possible in taking
pre-emptive action now.

We are the people we have been waiting for;
the change we know is needed, begins in us.

Peter Challen – 2006

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