EVENTS Archive: 2021

Tuesday 13th April 2021: 7pm-8pm: Globalnet21: Doughnuts, Economics & Sustainability

Tuesday 13th April 2021: 6pm-7pm: Compass: In Conversation with Vince Cable

Monday 12th April 2021: 7pm-8pm: Basic Income Conversation with Michael TubbsYouTube

Monday 12th April 2021: 7pm-8pm: Our Permaculture Hour

Sunday 11th April 2021:WISE Up Action – A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange – 11:30am-12noon outside Ecuadorian Embassy, 1-1:30pm outside Westminster magistrates Court and 3-4pm outside Belmarsh prison: Protests to mark two years of imprisonment of Julian Assange

Saturday 10th April 2021: 4pm-5.30pm: London Futurists: We Have Always Been Cyborgs.

Friday 9th April 2021: 7pm-8.30pm – Seasteading Social: Monthly Meeting – “Governance”

Thursday 8th April 2021: 11am: Globalnet21: Avoiding Ecological Disaster

Tuesday 6th April 2021: 6pm: The Action Network: Make Votes Matter: How to Speak with confidence about PR;

Thursday 1st April 2021: 6pm: CUSP (Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity): “Shift to a Wellbeing Economy” put the health of people and planet first – Petition Launch – chaired by Caroline Lucas: see video:

Thursday 1st April 2021: Presencing Institute – Cultivating the Soil: two sessions: 2pm and 5pm: – full details and many other fascinating reports on:

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