Matters in the Air: 28th Nov 2018

These notes are posted at, to contribute background information for associates of the Global Table and its offspring, the Open Research Group. This weekly forum is a persistent focal point for many who cannot often get to London but are encouraged in bold initiatives by association and collaboration. We all continue to foster the public sense of the search for inclusive justice. We are trying to sense the richness of our networking without overburdening with detail. We collaborate in order that action may flow BOTH in specified targeted initiatives AND in acknowledgement of our shared commitment to ending exploitation – usury – now exponentially rampant, plus the theft of the Commons and Institutional Drag!  Contact the Open Research Group – 

Forthcoming Events:

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the stream is gathering force:

We must create a collective consciousness that no longer allows injustice to exist.

6 Habits Of Highly Empathetic People A short video describes characteristics common among people with well-developed empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and feel another, perceive life from another’s perspective. It’s also associated with caring for one another.

As long as people remain stuck only on the holistic threshold as exemplified by this short 5.27 mins film: Engaging Emergence  we won’t be able to advance the awakening to the necessity for and urgency of fundamental structural change – the curative beyond all palliatives

As was suggested in a recent Daily Pickings, we need to co-create a shared understanding of reality.

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Destroy Cryptocurrencies Nouriel Roubini touts the benefits of a banking and payments system that replaces all private digital schemes.

 ” What a wise way to frame wholeness — not as an achievement, but rather as the reality of being present to who we are, in its entirety, at this very moment. If only that were easy! As Parker writes: “There are no shortcuts to wholeness. The only way to become whole is to put our arms lovingly around everything we’ve shown ourselves to be: self-serving and generous, spiteful and compassionate, cowardly and courageous, treacherous and trustworthy. We must be able to say to ourselves and to the world at large, ‘I am all of the above.’”


COMMONS and CO-OPERATIVE SOCIALISM – this non-hierarchical alternative to capitalism and totalitarianism, continues to campaign for a non-usurious, fair-world approach to the economy, taking forward ideas promoted by CCMJ and The Spirit Level – for background see the papers section of  The campaign website – in development – includes videos by John Courtneidge explaining the proposal: • See latest update on the Co-operative Sector:

FREE CRITICAL THINKING: meets Tuesdays  to its own timetable – see Events Listing at The London School of Mosaic in the Basement Studio (down ramp), 73-96 Ludham, Southampton Road, Lismore Circus, London, NW5 4SF (Gospel Oak overground /Belsize Park tube): • Critical Thinking’s scope: – in pithy summary: “Hierarchy, theft of the Commons and Usury are the fundamental drivers of poverty, wars, environmental destruction and the enslavement of humanity. Once we understand that, we’re on the road to recovering humanity.”  See Clive Menzies’ paper in the Islamic Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Reform Proposals in the Monetary System for Attaining Global Economic Stability:
• Link to Co-Creative Learning: https://cocreativelearning.orgDaily Pickings: November 2018: • Mon 19th: Social cleansing by fire • Tue 20th: Why our origins are important • Wed 21st:
Weaponising weather • Thu 22nd: “Useless eaters” • Fri 23rd: Co-creating a shared understanding of climate • Sat 24th: Who or what created us? • Sun 25th: Silent weapons for quiet wars.

*INDEPENDENT CONSTITUTIONALISTS UK (ICUK): recognises the necessity of dealing with BOTH the need for many urgent palliatives within a dying system, AND a systemic curative re-design by participative democratic application of an integrated social-political-economy of trusteeship in the co-evolution of planet earth. It concentrates on the Meta-Narrative within which the UK could shape all its independent but mutually accountable communities. Curative change to the political-economy like “poetry happens in two stages, like sculpting; first the imagination, then the chisel.” The specific pursuit of an integral model for public policy originated at the London Global Table and is now pursued as the emergence of ‘A PEOPLE’S SOCIAL-POLITICAL-ECONOMY OF TRUSTEESHIP IN THE CO-EVOLUTION OF PLANET EARTH.’ The CURATIVE structural change advocated in the ICUK’s Declaration of Purpose is set within PRINCIPLED-PRAGMATISM. It provides an integrated, and therefore multi-disciplinary, context for human response-ability. All specialist Disciplines must be seen to make their contribution to this dramatic description of cognitive behavioural therapy applied to public policy and purpose.” MP [For those using philosophical and theological studies as an aid, the curative represents a modern perception of bringing the Kin[g]dom into all aspects and language of public policy. 4].  An update of its website is now evolving:  An informal Strategy Forum meets in central London every Wednesday between 12 and 2pm – you are invited to contact Peter Challen – – for latest developments and meeting venue.

LETSlink is working on much-needed national and regional hubs to enable dedicated training for individual LETS groups. Newly online groups are being encouraged to work on a county-wide basis.  The main website sets out theory and enables enquirers to connect with local groups: See PP presentation – Local Exchange Trading Schemes: Integrated Community Currency Model – ICCmodelSee record of origin of LETS in the UK via a paper by David Weston, “Green Economics: The Community Use of Currency,” paper presented at The Other Economic Summit at the 1984 TOES Conference as recorded by Paul Ekins in “The Living Economy: A New Economics in the Making”, 1986.  See LETSlink Forum.  

LONDON COMMUNALISTS, coordinated by John McCone, are engaged in discovering a politics of citizenship based on shared public concern. See notes on Communalism based on Murray Bookchin’s: “The Next Revolution” – CommunalismProject00-A4 – They meet 6pm-8pm on the third Monday of each month in the reading room of 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH – dates on the Events page. See John McCone’s written evidence on Land Value Capture submitted to the Housing and Communities and Local Government Committee. Feedback welcomed to John McCone.

POSITIVE MONEY has branches all over the UK to campaign for debt-free issuance of currency, which are often listed on our Events page. Positive Money is the civil society organisation fighting for a banking system that works for people: • Recent Articles: The History and Future of QE/  • Bank of England on Climate Risk  • Worrying New Data on War on Cash  • Results of Swiss Referendum on Sovereign Money • Local Groups • see also Forthcoming Events

Further Reports are invited from our associates in the quest for inclusive justice to stir our awareness and effect change through both palliative and curative means.

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PUBLICATIONS & BLOGS – reviews always welcomed:-]
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BBC2: World at War: series:

United Nations Report, 16 November 2018: Poverty causing ‘misery’ in UK, and ministers are in denial, says UN official: Ministers are in a “state of denial” about poverty, a UN expert Philip Alston has said following a 12-day tour of the UK:

Renegade Inc: Monday 26th November 2018: The global economy: What lies beneath: Ten years after the great financial crisis, markets are again booming, but as are levels of debt and leverage. Is this a cause for concern or have policymakers fixed the fundamentals? Has complacency lead investors to take on greater risks or have they learnt the lessons of 2008? Is Brexit a blip as the Eurozone is actually in rude health? Or are the fault lines increasingly clear but papered over? As volatility returns to markets, we ask: what lies beneath the global economy? Stock markets are near all time highs. Bankers are taking big bonuses once again just as America shapes up for the mother of all global trade wars. What could possibly go wrong? If the commentators are to be believed, we are back to business as usual. But if your intuition tells you something different, you might be onto something. Joining us to work out what is really going on in the markets and the wider global economy, is investor, hedge fund manager and author of Planet Ponzi, Mitch Feierstein. Feierstein recently tweeted: ‘let’s party like it’s 1929’ and tells Renegade Inc. that the banking sector has pulled off one of the greatest Ponzi schemes in history, which began with the 2007 global financial crisis. “Have things really improved since then?,” he says. “I mean, none of the banks – as you see the share action in Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in the world in terms of derivative positions off balance sheet – should be zero, because their enterprise value, if you look at the liabilities they have and you use real accounting, there is a systemic problem.” A lot of European banks have not de-leveraged. Italy is in huge strife. Feierstein says the proverbial can has simply been kicked down the road:

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