The London Global Open Table [LGOT] began meeting in the nineties, every Wednesday (except for break over Christmas and in the summer holidays) from 12noon to 2pm – at a centre in Bloomsbury called The Global Cafe. When this closed, after a period of meeting in another cafe, we settled at Friends House, Euston, and after some years moved to the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ, which continued until Summer 2018, when we realised we had lost direction on our discussions. Currently (Autumn 2018), we are considering moving back to Friends House Euston – see EVENTS page for information on this and other meeting venues.

This an open table on INCLUSIVE JUSTICE  and though provoked by the weekly notice of  ‘Matters in the Air’ posted to over 200 associates, its business  each week is determined by those present that day; with a check that every new-comer is welcomed and their starting point heard. We also acknowledge  that we are a focus for a wide network of active associates.