London Global Open Table: 6th January 2010

AT THE SCHOOL OF ECONOMIC SCIENCE 12-2, 11 Mandeville Place Westminster W1U 3AJ close to Bond St Station.

We are a network in search of ways to inclusive justice

Notices and Matters to air…. Reminding each other of opportunities before us:
– Reports of actvity this past week,
– New Economics Fdn’s latest drive

– A poll and/or the Dyson team campaign? – a Poll on publically created money
has been proposed. It would cost £300-500. I have received pledges for £140
to date. Would any others of the 135 on this list care to pledge in support
of this way of gauging public understanding and support? RSVP to
Drafting the enquiry will start on Jan 6 unless we switch to the campaign. If
you are not with us, perhaps you’d care to send suggestions. – The petition
[110] Please ensure you’ve signed it. – Report on Dec 12 Seminar on the language
of systemic redesign CEJ and Equality Trust – report – Current matters of relevance:

– Ellen Brown in Truthout –“Escape from Pottersville: Strengthening Banking in the Public Interest”

simply hammered home in brilliant drawings and eloquent explanation

Quilligan www.fellowshipofthecommons/commons/ and

Find inspiration and health

of aspiring spirit

in a new year unfolding,

partly as it will,

partly as we respond

in cooperative faithfulness,

real God-praising work,

redesigned economy,

and earth sanctuary entire,

along this pilgrim way;

with all our new prospects,

free of self-centred tribal drag,

recalled to prior unity,

earth jurisprudence reigning,

once again.