London Global Open Table: 3rd March 2010

The Global Table meets Wednesdays 12noon-2pm at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ. From Bond Street tube, turn left/west into Oxford Street, when you see GAP on the other side, cross over and go right/north along James Street – after a couple of blocks you will come to it on the left.

We are a network in search of ways to inclusive justice – see Global Table.

The air is alive with …………doubts about money…… and the grip of power elites.

This Open Table monitors and encourages a wide range of activities in the realms of inclusive justice and the systemic redesign of the economic systems. The Table asked last week for a ten minute rule on initial contributions so that discussion of matters raised and other interests can have their share. So I am encouraging people to report in advance the essence of any matter they wish to bring to the table.

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. Reminding each other of opportunities before us:

  •– search site for Digital_Coin_Draft_Proposal_Grignon_Aug16_2009
  • London Citizens as faith friendly politics – success to date and programme ahead – The guardian discourse on Citizen Ethics
  • Wimbledon Lecture 24-2-10 in the bankers/lawyers’ belt -starting with primary
  • Letters – Tomlinson to Kotlikoff, Baron to Timms, Challen to G of BofE
  • Ian Mason will be giving the Annual Economics Lecture of the School of Economic Science on Thursday March 11th at 7.15pm at Hinde Street Methodist Church, opposite Mandeville Place. Its title is “World without Want.” Apply to SES for tickets
  • Wit to the aid of sanity – “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” In humour, there is truth – and a good laugh. Video:
  • Your response to this BBC Web page “Who Owns UK’s Debt” will be discussed on Wednesday. Please read:
  • I think people onsite will find the Mosler list for support of “his” ideas of interest. It may well grow more, and more. I have added my name to it at the bottom. The list includes quite a number of noted academics. – Robert Searle
  • Norwich Conference May 1/2 ‘Post-Usury Economy’ PC, AD and CC
  • Flurry of discourse on ‘property’ to report – and – Robin Smith on FAQ on Land Value Covenants
  • Many of us are all plagued by computer problems. I have registered – at £6.99 pm – with and have already had valuable cleansing work and excellent advice on-line by their engineer. If you are troubled by computer hiccups you might be interested in visiting their site. PBC
  • May 19 visit to the Table of Robert Howell from NZ
  • Wall Street s War Against Main Street America By Prof. Michael Hudson. URL of this article:
  • An article on The Guardian website draws attention to the way corporate power threatens human rights. It particularly draws attention to the way global corporations are designing contracts, mostly with developing countries, that guarantee their profits by overriding the sovereignty of elected governments to make laws, grant social rights to citizens or introduce laws to protect the environment. The article is titled “Reining in the corporate monster” and the wrap line reads “Big business must be forced to temper its obsession with profit and align corporate practice with social justice and democracy”. As always there is more on the AABA website: – Prem Sikka

Other matters of Monetary and Fiscal reform
– Forum for Stable Currencies – Sabine’s persistent work
– Call4Reform – Dyson – May applied to NHS – draft UK legislation
– CEJ contining its initiatives – Smith, Bowman, Challen
– Money Education – Koenig, Bell and Chitty
– Natural Law and Ecology – Joseph Milne
– Law and its inhibiting aspects – Davies and Ecotort

Lent: ‘What people are learning through hungering for justice is that trying to come up with policies for a better world is not enough. We need changed people to want them and to make them work. That involves re-shaping our desires, not just our political hopes. At its best, that is what fasting is all about.’ Simon Barrow

– The following data may be of interest. .

– And the following from John Kendall……… BBC Forum has this week good introduction into the alternative currency problematics. Check the Forum of Feb 14 and particularly Not common to hear such open language from people involved in current economics. And, sure, there is the recent series of the Archdruid Report dealing with the matter.