London Global Open Table: 12th May 2010

The Global Table meets Wednesdays 12noon-2pm at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ. From Bond Street tube, turn left/west into Oxford Street, when you see GAP on the other side, cross over and go right/north along James Street – after a couple of blocks you will come to it on the left.

This Open Table monitors and encourages a wide range of activities in the realms of inclusive justice and the systemic redesign of the economic systems. The Table agreed a ten minute rule on initial contributions so that discussion of matters raised and other interests can have their share. I encourage people to report in advance the essence of any matter they wish to bring to the table. It would enhance the value of this network if regular readers of key books, journals or sites could make brief reports of any significant findings.

As both dangers and opportunities mount rapidly, we should all keep alert to companions in the way. So at the bottom I’ll add some boxes that mark particular areas of persistent activity.

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. Reminding each other of opportunities before us:

1. Major Topic for the day: which is a related site to

2. and the FINANCE Lab study groups:
Finance in a steady state economy – Mark Gater
Design and creative processes for change in Finance – Neal Stone
Risk models of the future – Raj Thamotheram and Sue Charman
Locally directed investment – Tony Greenham
Banking Model for the Poor – Helena Vines Fiestas
Education and finance – Rachel Sinha
Complexity of the Finance System – Amir Sharif
Resourcing the Lab – Michelle Clinton

3. Other matters brought by those attending.