London Global Open Table: 4th August 2010

NB. Help the Call for a Royal Commission – CREDIT/Money Commission Monthly Update No. 8 Notice sent separately on Sunday last

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. Reminding each other of opportunities before us:

1. Call4Reform Student Conference – 18th & 19th September. The campaign for a real reform of the way money is created is nearly ready. We’re launching the Call4Reform student network on the 18th-19th September. If you’re a student, check out Call4Reform Students, and if you’re not, please forward this email to any students (or parents of students) that you know. We need to spread the word, and quickly! We hope to see you there if you’re a current student, and if you’re not, please forward this email to any students you know.
as endorsed by James Robertson in PS to Newsletter No. 31 – July 2010 at

Please put this date in your diary today: Friday afternoon from 4.30pm, to Sunday lunchtime, 29th to 31st October 2010. If you have never been before, please contact us for an invite.WWW.PROSPERITYUK.COM

3. Booking for CCMJ Annual Meeting Oct 23rd ‘How fares the World with usury?

4. CEJ seminar – report progress on collaboration in identifying the integrity of land and monetary reform. Meeting with NEF on Great Transition.

5. Please deluge them!

6. Crisis of Capitalism animation – an attractive presentation by David Harvey produced by the RSA at on why capitalism will not work.

7. A new play awakening awareness prepared for local use by Linda Scotson – a report on its first showing- available as DVD

8. Michigan introduces local currency

9.Attractive new Website: The Gaia Foundation works with individuals, organisations and networks in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe to regenerate healthy ecosystems, enhance traditional knowledge and practices for land, seed, food and water sovereignty, and to strengthen community self-governance. This enables communities to become more resilient to climate change and the industrial processes which have caused the many crises we now face.

PERTINENT PICKINGS from the week ……………….

Click here to read The Equality Trust’s July issue of ‘Among Equals’

Did you know that in Britain today there is no ceiling on the amount that lenders can charge for credit? The UK’s poorest pay the highest price for credit in Europe and some lenders are charging the equivalent of 3000% APR. This is legal loan sharking, a national scandal which must be stopped.
Today a broad coalition of activists, campaigners, citizens groups and MPs have echoed our call for an end to legal loan sharking. Please join them by signing up to our statement.


This fascinating presentation suggests that the human species is hard wired to mess up with money – and points to what we might do about it.
Teaching monkeys to use money