London Global Open Table: 24th November 2010

London Global Table: Nov 24 2010

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. WELCOMING NEW COMERS – Reminding each other of opportunities before us:- new to the list Olcay Aniker-Lumley

– Report from Malaysia and Indonesia on ‘RIBAFREE-ECON’ and the Kuala Lumpur Institute for Monetary Justice’ – Rodney

– ‘Independent Commission on Banking – Developments re the Table’s [] and NEF/Werner/Positive Money’s submissions

– Bromsgrove {oct 29-31], reporting in Prosperity and f/u

– CCMJ f/u to annual meeting [Oct 23],

– Positive Money, or f/u

– Coalition for Economic Justice,next steps

– The new Innovation Lab we are adding to the Fin Lab

– Report on visit of Leonard Orr and the SOAS evening [Raga and Mary] Follow-up tonight, 24th in Conway Hall

– Faiths in London Economy, Common Wealth and Global Churches – three radical faith based statements. The full Common Wealth Christians for Economic and Social Justice statement can be read here ( and downloaded from the networks’ website Global Churches call for action in Climate Change

– London Citizens Assembly [583 attending]

– High Pay Commission –

– Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi’s breakthrough – evidence from AMI

For a refreshing course on economics with justice run by the School of Economic Science, the Table’s generous host, visit

Canadian Monetary Reform Cinema –


Ellen Brown What’s Really Behind QE2? The Looming Threat of a Crippling Debt Service

Building Community: An Economic Approach. David Korten: What economic transformation has to do with building stronger, happier communities.

A gruesome account of the US financial scene. Ruling on Behalf of Wall Street’s “Super Rich”: The Financial End Time has Arrived Prof. Michael Hudson

the Steady State Economy Conference held in Leeds in June 2010 is now available for you to read. The full report Enough is Enough: Ideas for a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources can be download for free (130 pages), as well as a summary (10 pages), from this website: There you will also find links to videos of keynote presentations from the conference.Increasing awareness of the pressures on our fragile planet obliges us to rethink urgently how we organise our economic and social systems – a complex and challenging task. This report provides an overview of areas where change is needed, specific proposals for change, and questions for further discussion.Please distribute this report as widely as possible to stimulate discussion amongst your colleagues, organisations and networks, about the transition to a sustainable and fair economy. Lorna Arblaster, David Adshead, Claire Bastin and Nigel Jones – Economic Justice for All Dan O’Neill, Rob Dietz – Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Douglas Carswell’s Bill