London Open Global Table: 8th December 2010

COMMENT ALWAYS WELCOME from all our friends in the Table’s wide network

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. WELCOMING NEW COMERS – Reminding each other of opportunities before us:- visiting this month Olcay Aniker-Lumley, Frances Hutchinson, Samarendra Das, Robin Upton [BitCoin]

Reporting on current surge in action

– The implications of the KLCMJ with Rodney Shakespeare

– Positive News [Tabled] – Winter 2010 – ELF – Well-Being – Renewable energy etc

-‘Independent Commission on Banking – Submission acknowledged and will be published in Jan.

– CCMJ basic papers – ’14 considerations’ – Mouatt Papers

– Coalition for Economic Justice, Report of the June 24 seminar to 80 invitees

– The new Innovation Lab we are adding to the Fin Lab – drafting ‘a briefing’

– Kucinich launches NEED in Congress 17-12-10


– Richard Smith, “If Herman Daly has a better plan, let’s hear it”, real-world economics review, issue no. 55, 17
December 2010, pp 120-123,

– Ellen Brown “Central Banking 101: What the Fed Can Do as Lender of Last Resort”

– *Can* *Spirituality**, Social Justice, and Economic and Political **
Democracy* find ‘synergy’ and ‘synthesis’ in a fair and equitable manner? *

– Western Civilization and Classical Economics: The Immorality of Austerity
By Prof. John Kozy URL

– listen/watch a lecture by Stewart Wallis NEF at this year’s E.F. Schumacher lectures held in New York in November,

– New website is from the livesimply network. Catholic Social Teaching (CST) covers the interlocking areas of community and participation, care for creation (people and planet), life and work, peace, and human solidarity.