London Global Open Table: 9th February 2011

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. WELCOMING NEW COMERS – Reminding each other of opportunities before us. Rodney lecturing in Iraq this w/e.

– Robert Corfe attending with paper on Resolving the debt-fuelled financial crisis – a long-term approach to the issue

– Reporting on current surge in action as sent with notice

– ACT NOW – on Thursday 3rd February the House of Commons will vote on whether to support the introduction of a series of caps on the amount that payday and home credit lenders can charge. Will your MP stand up for exploited borrowers? Ask them now by clicking below, we urgently need you to take action:

– Robin Smith’s Submission accepted by the High Pay Commission to identify the “Cause” of high pay: – – comments welcome

– Kucinich, US Congress and NEED – see the BILL –

– Report on meeting with Jen Moragn re our Resources for the Finance Lab – – And the Innovation Gp we are adding to the Finance Lab as a draft ‘Briefing’ –

– ‘Independent Commission on Banking – Submissions acknowledged and will be published in Jan. Anyone examined them critiquely ???

– HEIGHTENED ACTIVITY – CEJ members have made some 9 Submissions to the Treasury Select Committee and a further 5 directly to the Treasury, prior to a consultation. They are the property of the Treasury until made public by that Office.

– Reference to EAARTH

– Simon Mouatt’s edited book is now out – ref herewith – including a ref to the chapter that Simon, Rodney and Peter put together: –


– Public Banking in America – Washington State Joins a Nationwide Movement
by Ellen Brown – 22946

– Ellen Brown -“The Fed Has Spoken: No Bailout for Main Street”


– A Constitution of the Arabian Confederation – realting the parts to the whole in interesting ways

– US Inquiry Commission Slams Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson, Summers, SEC, Rating Agencies and Big Banks for Causing Crisis – Jan 26, 2011 –

– DEBTONATION:The Global Financial Crisis – – consider registering to receive Ann Pettifor’s Blog

– From Tony – Banking in Venezuela – Vastly different than in Wall Street controlled America –

– Rewriting the “Tragedy of the Commons” BILL MCKIBBEN | JAN 10, 2011 What cooperation and sharing have to do with saving the world:  –

David Korten: My Defection Story – – DAVID KORTEN | JAN 11, 2011 How I came to challenge the legitimacy of the institutions I once served. MORE »

– Ellen Brown “Central Banking 101: What the Fed Can Do as Lender of Last Resort” – AUSTERITY FAILS IN EUROLAND: TIME FOR SOME “DEFICIT EASING”? – – Ellen Brown –

– *Can* *Spirituality**, Social Justice, and Economic and Political ** Democracy* find ‘synergy’ and ‘synthesis’ in a fair and equitable manner? *

– A version of the Common Wealth statement has appeared as a guest editorial by Gaston and Steven Shakespeare in the latest ‘Political Theology’

– “In this week’s In Business, one of the world’s best-known management gurus issues a challenge to the way capitalism works. Professor Michael Porter from Harvard Business School tells of radical changes he thinks companies have to make in order in order to survive.” Producer: Sandra Kanthal.

– Yunnus Centre –

– The Natural Laws of Collapse by Adam D. Sacks 20 January 2011