London Global Open Table: 16th February 2011

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. WELCOMING NEW COMERS – Reminding each other of opportunities before us.

– Strategy for Economic Reform : lecture and discussion at the SES on Friday 2pm

– Reporting on current surge in action as sent with last week’s notice

– Kucinich, US Congress and NEED – see the BILL –

– Report on meeting with Jen Moragn re our Resources for the Finance Lab – – And the Innovation Gp we are adding to the Finance Lab as a draft ‘Briefing’ –

– -‘Independent Commission on Banking – Further outcomes.


~ Who decides? – corporate governance as if people, and planet, mattered

– A Constitution of the Arabian Confederation – relating the parts to the whole in interesting ways

– Debtonation: The Global Financial Crisis has posted a new item, ‘Chinks in the
austerity armour…..’ Ann Pettifor