London Global Open Table: 27th October 2010

London Global Table: Oct.27th 2010

MATTERS IN THE AIR …. Reminding each other of opportunities before us:

OECD favours Land Tax

1. The CCMJ annual Meeting on Oct 23 stirred closer liaison with POSITIVE NEWS, THE FINANCE LAB [a new Lab on ‘Faith and Philosophy influencing finance – for good and ill’], CEJ, and THE GREAT TRANSITION in readiness for Bromsgrove ahead Oct 29-31

2.Keep in touch with the Forum for Stable Currency’ present activities where Sabine is making the link between the parts of the ‘pincer movement’ with Compensator of Last Resort on Victims Unite!

3. The End Legal Loan Sharking campaign is really gaining momentum.

4. Visit comment

– PERTINENT PICKINGS from the week

Ken Wilber and Terry Patten on Integral Theory and Practice –

Predatory Finance: The New Mode of Global Warfare – Michael Hudson Global Research, October 12, 2010

Powerful critique from Michael Hudson: The Neoliberal Experiment and Europe’s anti-Austerity Strikes: Governments must Lower Wages or Suffer Financial Blackmail. By Michael Hudson


LET THE ENVIRONMENT GOVERN THE HUMAN MIND-SHIFT – Johan Rockstrom a vivid 18 minutes on danger and opportunity FOUR YEARS GO is a campaign to shift the current trends of humanity by 2014 so that we will be headed on a path toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling future on this planet.

Note that ‘Matters in the Air’ for the following Wednesday fall into place as matters arise and can be seen at each stage Let Peter know if you have anything to add or ask.

Google ‘The Disraeli Room’ to keep abreast of ResPublica – see there ‘Benedict, Red Tory and Blue Labour’


Britain’s Shock Doctrine 18 Oct 2010 The economic crisis is the disaster the Conservatives have been praying for. Now they can reshape the economy on corporate lines. Monbiot

Christian and Buddhists statement on Greed


51 Ways to Spark a Commons Revolution

Islamic thought – Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain’s new website – .uk