London Global Open Table: 10th February 2010


The Global Table meets Wednesdays 12noon-2pm at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ. From Bond Street tube, cross over Oxford Street, go west, at GAP turn right into James Street, and keep going – after a couple of blocks you will come to it on the left.

We are a network in search of ways to inclusive justice – see Global Table.
–  Reminding each other of opportunities before us:

– Iran and its challenge in MR terms – See the latest post on

– YOUTH TO THE FORE – reporting encouraging signs from Eirwen’s ‘Peace Child Alpha and Omega – a musical journey through faith’; and the team drive of Call4Reform

– A letter to the Governor of the Bank of England

– How does Obama’s Bank strategy affect our communication on Monetary Justice?
– URGENT consideration: MR and LVT :”The key is to “divert the economic rent” currently flowing into bankers (which don’t provide public services) into governments (which do). Monetary reform without land reform just entrenches present landed interests. Land reform without money reform is slow, difficult or painful as the basis for money issue is removed. It’s easier to do both than to do either alone.”

– Bahrain – report

– Educating on Money: John Rogers Value for People This site is recommended. The Cobden Centre generally. There’s nothing new under the sun.

– The professional poll and the Dyson team campaign? – a Poll on publicly created money has been proposed. It would cost £300-500. I have received pledges for £265 from 10 people to date. Would any others of the 135 on this list care to pledge in support of this way of gauging public understanding and support? RSVP to The decision on whether proceed has still not will been taken.

-The petition [115] Please ensure you’ve signed it.

– Report on the work of the Coalition for Economic Justice.

– Reports on the. ‘Long Finance’ seminar Feb 1st 2010.


This strenuous review of Greco is important. It needs to be read with close attention and right through to the final paragraph where he explains the damage to LETs of Greco’s approach. If you don’t agree that this is a fundamental critique to be widely read, please explain why after comparing it with R Cook’s review

Note now to transform UK politics Ekklesia is involved in POWER2010, an exciting new initiative set up by the Joseph Rowntree Trusts to push democratic reform up the political agenda in the run up to the general election. Last weekend, POWER2010 held a meeting with people from across the UK to sift through the 4,500 proposals they have received and come up with a long list of proposals to put to a public online vote. The final list of 29 proposals has now been published. You can vote for as many of them as you would like. The top 5 will be put to candidates at the general election.Find out more. Note also that church bodies have worked together to create an electronic booklet and website at, hosted by the official ecumenical body Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), which includes information on how to arrange a hustings meeting at local churches as well as a downloadable guide offering information on the important questions of this election campaign.