Wednesday, 15th February 2017 8:00pm: Greenwich Positive Money Group” at The Prince of Greenwich (upper room), 72 Royal Hill, Greenwich, London, SE10 8RT.  Come along and bring a friend:

Monday, 20th February 2017:  7:00pm: Hackney Positive Living Group: DIGITAL CASH: Cafe Z Bar, 58 Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 7PB: We will explore the idea of Central Bank issued digital cash. We will use the research article by Ben Dyson and Graham Hodgson, available on the Positive Money website @ “With the impending ‘death of cash’ and the rise of digital currencies (such as Bitcoin), there are strong arguments for central banks to start issuing “digital cash” – an electronic version of notes and coins (also known as a central bank digital currency). But this raises a number of questions: • How would central banks get new digital cash into the economy? • How would the public use it? • What would the advantages be? • Would there be the impact on financial stability?” We recommend you read the article beforehand. However, we will have presentations based on the paper – so do come along even if you have not had time to read it. The meeting will include time for a lively discussion. Followed by a drink in the pub, as usual.We will also show some short videos around related topics. Please RSVP on Facebook @

Wednesday 22nd February 2017: D.I.Y. Economics Workshop:  18:00–20.00  at the Benjamin Franklin Room, RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ  Followed by a networking drinks reception Register here. Introducing the RSA/Economy DIY Economics toolkit

Wednesday 22nd February: (7:30-9:30pm): Positive Money Waterloo Discussion Group – attendance is FREE. The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency could herald a new era of tensions between the USA and China. Since the Chinese stock market crashed in 2015 (and again at the start of 2016), many questions have been asked about the Chinese economy. Is it an unstoppable giant with 7% growth every year or a colossus with feet of clay, plagued with excessive debt? Should we draw a parallel between today’s Chinese ghost towns and the Spanish ghost towns of 10 years ago? Our speaker, Alexis Baudour, will start the proceedings with a presentation which will hinge around these questions, and then an open floor debate will follow. Venue: Crypt Main Space, St John’s Church, 73 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY.

Wednesday, 15th March 2017 8:00pm: Greenwich Positive Living Group” at The Prince of Greenwich (upper room), 72 Royal Hill, Greenwich, London, SE10 8RT.  Come along and bring a friend:

Saturday 18th March 2017 (9.30am to 4.30pm): John Ray Initiative annual conference 2017 “Nature in the balance: can we put a value on the environment, and should we?” in collaboration with ForMission College. The venue is Bournville College, Birmingham. Keynote speakers: * Dr. Darren Evans “Ecosystem Services: managing nature for human benefit.” * Prof. Richard Bauckham “Why do other creatures matter?” * Rev. Dave Bookless “Biblical Wisdom for Nature Conservation”.  We also have a wonderful line-up of seminars. Cost £48 includes full lunch and refreshments is £48. Early booking is advisable. Details and online booking: ( u=c301c8517a624363e82b49d5e&id=18a2f7c79b&e=6803f17c8a) – see PDF flyer.

Saturday 29th April 2017: John Ray Initiative: CRES Day “Saving Planet Earth – a serious role for the Church?” at Ripon College Cuddesdon near Oxford. The guest speaker is Andy Atkins, Chief Executive of A Rocha UK, and former Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth, who will look at whether it is worth mobilising the church on the environment and how to do it. Followed by Rev. Margot Hodson, who will introduce us to environmental ethics. Details/ booking:

Mon-Wed July 10th-12th, 2017: ASSOCIATION FOR HETERODOX ECONOMICS: 19th Annual Conference on the theme of Sustainable Economy and Economics – University of Huddersfield, near Leeds:

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