FORTHCOMING DATES 2018 (including regular meetings*, updated each week)

Thursday 22nd February 2018: Globalnet21: Democracy in Crisis: Join Mary Scott Cato MEP who believes that our Democracy is at such a critical point that 2018 must be a turning point if we are not to decline into a new dark age. Mary says, “The last year made me fear for our democracy itself — 2018 must be a turning point. Dark antidemocratic forces, we thought we’d banished to history, seemed to reappear in 2017. It’s up to all of us to stop their rise.” She believes that we live in times of great change and democratic politicians are struggling to find solutions to the problems this generates. The fascist response is to point to these weaknesses and create fake news to undermine democratic politicians. How do we avoid our democracies across the Western world and in the UK collapsing as they did in many countries in the 1930’s leading to turmoil and conflict? What needs to be done both by politicians and civil society? Speakers include, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, elected in May 2014. She is an academic, environmental and community activist, and green economist. Until her election as an MEP, she was Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at the University of Roehampton.[b] Scott Cato speaks for the Green Party on finance issues, and is known for her work in the field of co-operative studies. She has published on green economics, localism and anti-capitalism, and has contributed to works on the risks of nuclear power, the use of which she strongly opposes. Caitriona Fleming from the Parliamentary Outreach Scheme. They organise a range of lectures, training sessions, workshops and other events about how Parliament works and how you can get involved. Caitriona will tell us how the representative system can work and how we can make that happen. Alexandra Runswick is Director of Unlock Democracy, a grassroots campaigning organisaton which campaigns for a vibrant inclusive democracy that puts power in the hands of the people. Alex started her career working on feminist and environmental campaigns and increasing public participation in health care, before moving to democratic reform. She has over ten years experience of parliamentary campaigning on democratic and constitutional reform issues including the case for a written constitution, lobbying transparency, party funding, freedom of information, House of Lords reform, electoral reform, women’s representation in politics and participatory democracy. Alex also co-authored Unlock Democracy’s report Democratic Brexit: Avoiding Constitutional Crisis in Brexit Britain which explores how Parliament and the public should be involved in the Brexit process.Event organised and hosted by Francis Sealey: Venue: The Grimond Room, Portcullis House · London SW1A 2LW:   Information/Booking:

* Friday 23rd February 2018:  5-7pm: Occupy Economics Working Group: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ: we meet in the corridor next to the Cafe: If you can’t find us, call  John: 07950 996418 – see Occupy London • Economics Working Group

* Monday 26th February 2018:  5-7pm: Occupy Economics Working Group: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ: we meet in the corridor next to the Cafe: If you can’t find us, call John: 07950 996418 – see Occupy London • Economics Working Group • Notes from 16th Feb 2018.

* Tuesday 27th Febrary 2018:  Free Critical Thinking: 7pm-9pm, new venue – London School of Mosaic, Basement Studio No 73-96, Ludham House, Southampton Road,  London, NW5 4SF (Gospel Oak overground and Belsize Park tube): • A view of Critical Thinking’s scope and in pithy summary – “Hierarchy, theft of the Commons and Usury are the fundamental drivers of poverty, wars, environmental destruction and the enslavement of humanity. Once we understand that, we’re on the road to recovering humanity.”

* Wednesday 28th February 2018 Open Research Group, 12noon-2pm at the Global Table, School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 3AJ, chaired by Janos Abel. This is a regular weekly meeting – enquire for room number on arrival at reception. Our agenda begins with Matters in the Air: where notes of the previous meeting are posted.  If you would like to let us know you are coming and/or would like to suggest items for discussion, write to

Monday 5th March at 7pm: FOOD BANK AS IT IS, by Tara Osman – a factual drama telling real stories from a real food bank – “Because there is no them. Only us” – at the Chelsea Theatre, 7 World’s End Place, Kings Road, London SW10 0DR:

Thursday 8th March at 6pm: the London premiere screening of John Feldman’s new film on the life and work of Lyn Margulis, ‘SYMBIOTIC EARTH’, at the Linnean Society. Lynn was a Fellow of the Society and the screening not only celebrates International Women’s Day but also what would have been Lynn’s 80th birthday on March 5th. Details and booking arrangements for both events can be found through the following links: . Symbiosis was recognised  in the Abrahanic scriptures “God breathed into the clay of the earth and it became a living being.” Gen 2:7

* Monday 19th March 2018 – 6-8pm – Discussing Communalism in London • Hosted by Kyle Farron, the organiser and co-organiser of the London Communalism Meetup • Informal meetings, to which all are welcome free of charge, to discuss Communalism, popular assemblies, and direct democracy in London • Discovering a politics of citizenship based on shared public concern • For the first half of each meeting, internal education, reading a work aloud and discussing it, like The Next Revolution or Utopia for Realists. For the second half, discussion of projects, like how to introduce a basic income to the UK or save the NHS. • From 6 pm to 8 pm on the third Monday of each month in 2018 • In the reading room of Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH: Contact via Meetup Page. See also:

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