Matters in the Air: 26th Sept 2018

These notes are posted at, to contribute background information for associates of the Global Table and its offspring, including the Open Research Group. This weekly forum is a persistent focal point for many who cannot often get to London but are encouraged in bold initiatives by association and collaboration. We all continue to foster the public sense of the search for inclusive justice. We are trying to sense the richness of our networking without overburdening with detail. We collaborate in order that action may flow BOTH in specified targeted initiatives AND in acknowledgement of our shared commitment to ending exploitation – usury – now exponentially rampant!  Contact the Open Research Group – 

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the stream is gathering force

What is your basic understanding of this erudite comment ?  “I sense  [the importance of ] leading to the communification of human scientific, philosophical and psychological understanding around a single, central natural principle that relates gravitational influence to the dynamic configuration of space by sentient quanta in receptive-responsive relationship. Such synthesis is not possible so long as the receptive/ inductive influence of natural space as an intangible omnipresence is objectivistically excluded from consideration.”  AR

Can you relate this description to ICUK’s insistence on the creative tension to be maintained between Principle and Pragmatism? 

  • The Biggest Tech-Driven Changes Happening in Finance and Banking The CIA estimates over $80 trillion of global value is stored in cash, banknotes, money markets, and bank accounts. As of 2017, a mere $5 trillion of this was in the form of cold, hard cash. In this two-part series, we’ll cover how the internet, mobile devices, sensors, blockchain, and AI are driving a revolution […]
  • I was happy to see the word “UBUNTU” in there.  Ubuntu is interesting because it is the name given to a leading open source computer operating system which is a model of both distribution of technology and also collaborative organisational behaviour. (If we keep using Microsoft we support the pyramid of power.)  And of course ubuntu’s meaning evokes positive, sharing ethics and ethos.  A fundamental principle required for enlightened system emergence, which is very difficult to grasp, except for very young children, is that we are all connected and we are all connected within the universe, within nature.  This goes beyond ubuntu’s “I am because we are” or “humanity towards others”, it recognises the physical and meta-physical unity of existence.  With this perspective, life becomes inclusive instead of exclusive and we stop using language which refers to “us” and “them”.  This divisive mindset is at the root of grand institutions of politics, religion and law and it stands in the way of enlightenment. I hope my remarks, if not agreeable, are taken in good faith. Best wishes, TB from  Ireland

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COMMONS and CO-OPERATIVE SOCIALISM – this non-hierarchical alternative to capitalism and totalitarianism, continues to campaign for a non-usurious, fair-world approach to the economy, taking forward ideas promoted by CCMJ and The Spirit Level – for background see the papers section of  The campaign website – in development – includes videos by John Courtneidge explaining the proposal: • See latest update on the Co-operative Sector:

FREE CRITICAL THINKING: meets most Tuesdays 7-9pm (last meeting of term 2nd December) – see Events Listing at The London School of Mosaic in the Basement Studio (down ramp), 73-96 Ludham, Southampton Road, Lismore Circus, London, NW5 4SF (Gospel Oak overground /Belsize Park tube): • Critical Thinking’s scope: – in pithy summary: “Hierarchy, theft of the Commons and Usury are the fundamental drivers of poverty, wars, environmental destruction and the enslavement of humanity. Once we understand that, we’re on the road to recovering humanity.”  See Clive Menzies’ paper in the Islamic Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Reform Proposals in the Monetary System for Attaining Global Economic Stability:
• Link to Co-Creative Learning:
Daily Pickings: September 2018: • Mon 17th: Levels of abstraction • Tue 18th: Diverse voices and the NWO • Wed 19th: Question authority • Thu 20th: Symbols and sophistry • Fri 21st: Propaganda blitz • Sat 22nd: Deep state agendas exposed • Sun 23rd: Leadership is not hierarchy

*INDEPENDENT CONSTITUTIONALISTS UK (ICUK): recognises the necessity of dealing with BOTH the need for many urgent palliatives within a dying system, AND a systemic curative re-design by participative democratic application of an integrated political-economy of trusteeship in the co-evolution of planet earth. It concentrates on the Meta-Narrative within which the UK could shape all its independent but mutually accountable communities. Curative change to the political-economy like “poetry happens in two stages, like sculpting; first the imagination, then the chisel.” The specific pursuit of an integral model for public policy originated at the London Global Table and is now pursued as the emergence of ‘A PEOPLE’S INTEGRATED SOCIAL-POLITICAL-ECONOMY OF TRUSTEESHIP IN THE CO-EVOLUTION OF PLANET EARTH.’ The CURATIVE structural change advocated in the ICUK’s Declaration of Purpose is set within PRINCIPLED-PRAGMATISM. It provides an integrated, and therefore interdisciplinary, context for human response-ability. All specialist Disciplines must be seen to make their contribution to this dramatic description of cognitive behavioural therapy applied to public policy and purpose.” MP [For those using philosophical and theological studies as an aid, the curative represents a modern perception of bringing the Kin[g]dom into all aspects and language of public policy. 4].  An update of its website is now evolving:  An informal Strategy Forum meets in central London every Wednesday between 12 and 2pm – you are invited to contact Peter Challen – – for latest developments and meeting venue.

THERE IS NEVER A TYPICAL ICUK FORUM. Last week the provisional agenda was not tackled. Four of us wove together a collaboratively improved understanding of a] the intricacies of consciousness, b] through the responsibilities of a local councillor, c] in their pertinence to  one enabling “Living Your Values”; thus contributing to an exchange based on Principled–Pragmatism and Both/And with the help of the new Atlas of Planet and Management for today’s caretakers of tomorrow’s world. We felt the rich harmony in the collaborative “WE”. Let’s call the our emergent discernment  “Interiority with a sense of cosmic context.”

LETSlink is working on much-needed national and regional hubs to enable dedicated training for individual LETS groups. Newly online groups are being encouraged to work on a county-wide basis.  The main website sets out theory and enables enquirers to connect with local groups: See PP presentation – Local Exchange Trading Schemes: Integrated Community Currency Model – ICCmodelSee record of origin of LETS in the UK via a paper by David Weston, “Green Economics: The Community Use of Currency,” paper presented at The Other Economic Summit at the 1984 TOES Conference as recorded by Paul Ekins in “The Living Economy: A New Economics in the Making”, 1986.  See LETSlink Forum.  

LONDON COMMUNALISTS, coordinated by John McCone, are engaged in discovering a politics of citizenship based on shared public concern. See notes on Communalism based on Murray Bookchin’s: “The Next Revolution” – CommunalismProject00-A4 – They meet 6pm-8pm on the third Monday of each month in the reading room of 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH – dates on the Events page. See John McCone’s written evidence on Land Value Capture submitted to the Housing and Communities and Local Government Committee. Feedback welcomed to John McCone.

POSITIVE MONEY has branches all over the UK to campaign for debt-free issuance of currency, which are often listed on our Events page.  They campaign for a fairer, more democratic and more sustainable economy.They held a seminar in association with RSA on Monday 18th Sept 2017 – see report: PositiveMoney-RSA-170918 – see also Positive Money’s latest video about the: Bank of England and a new paper, published in January 2018: Escaping-Growth-Dependency-final_print • Recently screened by Greenwich & Lewisham branch is Michael Oswald’s film The Spider’s Web : Britain’s Second Empire, portraying Britain’s role in creating a global network of tax havens. • See Latest Message from Positive Money, which we have been asked to forward to our contacts:  Dear friend, I’m a supporter of Positive Money. We’re a people-powered movement to reform the money and banking system so that we can have a fairer, more democratic and more sustainable economy. There are lots of important campaigns we can choose to support. But this one is all about changing the root causes of many of the things that are important to me and to our society: our housing crisis, soaring inequality, protecting our environment, an unstable economy. I support Positive Money’s work because I believe reform of the money and banking system will mean a better world for all of us, and I think you should too! Please click here if you’re interested in signing up to Positive Money’s fortnightly newsletter too: You’ll hear about campaign and research updates, events, and what activities you can get involved in to help. The more of us who join this movement – simply by signing up to their campaign online as a starting point – the closer we’ll get to changing things for good. So please will you consider joining me and signing up to Positive Money’s fortnightly newsletter now? Just click this link and it will take you less than 30 seconds: Thanks.

Further Reports are invited from our associates in the quest for inclusive justice to stir our awareness and effect change through both palliative and curative means.

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BBC Radio 4:  Sat 22nd Sept 2018: 22.15pm: Cassandras of the Crash: Ten years ago, in autumn 2008, the world watched as the biggest financial meltdown in history unfolded. The crash plunged the world into recession, lost millions of families their homes and its shadow still hangs over our politics today.  And when the Queen went to the London School of Economics, she asked the question everyone wanted the answer to: why did no one see it coming? In this programme Aditya Chakrabortty, senior economics commentator at the Guardian newspaper, chairs a discussion between four economists who can claim they did: Raghuram Rajan, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India; Steve Keen, professor of economics at Kingston University in London; Ann Pettifor, director of PRIME, Policy Research in Macroeconomics and council member of the Progressive Economy Forum; and Peter Schiff, American stockbroker and investor. They warned financial crisis was imminent, they wrote books and papers, they even told the powerful to their faces – and they got nowhere. They showed intellectual bravery of a kind that isn’t often celebrated, and it cost some of them dearly. Call them four “Cassandras” – cursed, as Greek myth has it, to utter prophesies that were true but never believed. Had they been heeded we may have averted what the then chief US central banker, Ben Bernanke, calls “the worst financial crisis in global history, including the Great Depression”. How did they see it when no one else did? Why didn’t others listen? And what happens next?Producer: Eve Streeter • A Greenpoint Production for Radio 4 •

BBC Radio 4: THE NEW AGE OF CAPITALISM: series of 15-minute programmes: 1.45-2pm:
1. The Intangible Economy • 2. The Attention Economy • 3. Artificial Intelligence • 4. South American Socialism • 5. Making Money • 6. High Frequency Trading • 7. Turbo-Capitalism • 8. State Capitalism • 9. Financialisation • 10. Trillion Dollar Companies….all episodes

RENEGADE INC: Monday 24th Sept 2018: Stand up and think for yourself:  It was the late, great George Carlin who said: “I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don’t have as many people who believe it.” At a time when many of us feel politics is increasingly irrelevant and free speech is increasingly threatened, comedians have an important role to play in our culture. But so do their audiences. Many of the great comics have forced us to look at the absurd and challenge it… So, with authoritarianism and censorship on the rise, how do comedians and their audiences stand up to it? Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by stand-up comedians Christian Reilly and Craig Campbell to discuss the health of political comedy and the level of censorship that the media now imposes on it:

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