Matters in the Air: 26th April 2017

These notes, compiled by Rev Canon Peter Challen, are posted at, to contribute background information for associates of the Global Table. A core meeting continues on Wednesdays from 12noon to 2 pm at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ – now hosted by the Open Research Group. Meetings are open to all on a drop-in basis. This weekly forum is a persistent focal point for many who cannot often get to London but are encouraged in bold initiatives by association and collaboration. We all continue to foster the public sense of the search for inclusive justice. We are trying to sense the richness of our networking without overburdening with detail. We collaborate in order that action may flow BOTH in specified targeted initiatives AND in acknowledgement of our shared commitment to ending exploitation – usury – now exponentially rampant!

Notes of ORG meeting on 19th April 2017: OpenResearchGroup-170419
Notes of ORG meeting on 26th April 2017: OpenResearchGroup-170426

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Tim Jackson –in the May/June Resurgence [] examines work as participation – enterprise as service – Money as a social good.

Prof. George Letsas in the 16 March LRB vindicates ICUK’s rejection of Parliamentary Sovereignty in favour of the principle of Constitutional Supremacy, and our radical reappraisal of the notion of the Will of the People.  Letsas’ description of what the courts do is very close to the ICUK notion of non-attribution or “allowing ideas (in this case, laws) to speak for themselves”.  It is also very close to the idea of moral plurality underpinning our notion of participative democracy:  the consensual resolution and reconciliation, through collective debate and deliberation, of ideas and principles that have conflicting claims on our moral attention.  It is in this sense profoundly democratic, and not unlike the collective sifting of scientific evidence through “peer review” which at best leads to the consensual identification of those reliable regularities that in our day have replaced the idea of “scientific truth”.

POSITIVE MONEY: Main differences between the current dysfunctional debt-based monetary system and what we propose: also  #sovereignmoney

WRESTLING WITH INTEREST:  Werner and Builk …Critical Thinking’s analysis goes beyond Richard Werner’s critique; usury is the issue and banking is theft. As long as we are addicted to interest, problems of inequality and environmental destruction will never be solved.

ICUK: recognises the necessity of dealing with BOTH the need for many urgent palliatives within a dying system AND a systemic curative re-design by the participative representative democratic application of an integrated political-economy. It concentrates on the Mega-Narrative within which the UK could shape all its independent but mutually accountable communities. An update is now evolving online.  Please contact for latest developments.  Curative change to the political-economy like “Poetry happens in two stages, like sculpting; first the imagination, then the chisel.” Peter is in central London every Wednesday between 12 and 2pm and would like to meet you by your direct invitation or request.

THREE PERTINENT PRESENTATIONS supporting our inclusion of ‘in the co-evolution of planet earth’ as the tail that wags the Independent Constitutionalists UK (ICUK)’s mantra. They may have value in particular uses of our templates when reaching people conditioned in specific forms of resistance to principled pragmatism and genuine democracy springing from new perspectives of an integrated political-economy.
1. Four vividly presented minutes on using 100% of your brain in participative evolution
2. From Pelican Web: The Ecological Crisis is a Catalyst for Human Renewal:
3. Also from Pelican Web:How to Save the Natural World on Which We Depend, by Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Social Scientes:

Free Critical Thinking: meetings are now on Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm in a new venue, St John’s Church, 73 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8TY, opposite Waterloo – see latest 2172-session-15-on-tuesday-12th-april-2017

LETSlink  envisages national and regional hubs – LETSlink  envisages national and regional hubs – dedicated training work is being done with individual LETS groups – see also comment on post-Brexit devolution:

Further Reports are invited from our associates in the quest for inclusive justice to stir our awareness and effect change through both palliative and curative means.
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PUBLICATIONS & BLOGS – reviews always welcomed:

Campaign for Free Parliament CFP an 8 minute video of explanation:

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COLLABORATION: Over time our weekly forum has considered important aphorisms that help the development of dialogue that takes us into new understandings of the co-operative task. Having revisited those guiding thoughts over the last 12 weeks, Responses are sought about their use, or about any other enduring wisdom relating to collaboration. A response this week 1. “The basic rule for practising the art of listening is complete attention.”

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