Matters in the Air: 22nd February 2017

These notes compiled by Rev Canon Peter Challen are posted at, to contribute background information for the Global Table, which continues on Wednesdays from 12noon to 2 pm at the School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ – now hosted by the Open Research Group – meetings are open to all on a drop-in basis. This weekly forum is a persistent focal point for many who cannot often get to London but are encouraged in bold initiatives by association and collaboration. We all continue to foster the public sense of the search for inclusive justice. We are trying to sense the richness of our networking without overburdening with detail. We collaborate in order that action may flow BOTH in specified targeted initiatives AND in acknowledgement of our shared commitment to ending exploitation – usury – now exponentially rampant !

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Towards the co-evolution of the Earth – Peter Challen on

Frederic Laloux‘s work on Reinventing Organisations suggests we need to adhere to three guiding principles
Self-organise – reject permanent hierarchy but facilitate fluid, flexible, adaptable non-hierarchical structures which encourage everyone within the group to explore their potential and be heard. That’s not to say there is no leadership but that “leaders” emerge to meet specific challenges but only for so long as the challenges persist and even then, leadership can shift among the group.
Wholeness be open and candid without being aggressive or discourteous; bring your “whole being” to the group; be present and receptive to everyone.
Evolutionary purpose – when starting out on this journey of discovery, your shared preliminary motivation will suffice but as knowledge and understanding increases, don’t stick rigidly to your original goals but adapt your aims in the light of revealed understanding.
How can we be so dumb as to think any one person or group of individuals within an hierarchical institution can know better than the collective intelligence of mankind? Together, we can tap into the wisdom of the non-hierarchical crowd, ie. humanity. We only have to shed our illusions and choose to do so. Associates of the Global Table are working on a range of ways to work with these guiding principles. We’d value any reports of such initiatives

Fred Harrison:Targeting ‘the rich’ is self-defeating. The industrial phase of capitalism had to be challenged. In the 19th century, two humane doctrines emerged. One was social democracy. It sought to protect people who lived in poverty. In the 20th century, Europe tested that philosophy through the Welfare State. Now, after 70 years of that experiment, we know that it has failed.  Full article »

NCIA _ Where Now and What Next for Independent Voices?  Your invitation to a Witness Seminar – Friday 10th March 2017 1pm – 5pm London Welsh Centre, 157–163 Grays Inn Rd, London, WC1X 8UE:

Basic Income and the New Universalism: Roope Mokka in Basic income: 21 min read:

Critical Thinking posts daily blogs on a wide range of topics, and runs a regular discussion group on Wednesday evenings: Social Credit: The Winter 2016 issue of The Social Artist (incorporating The Social Crediter) in two pdf formats, one for reading on screen, the other for printing out as a booklet – available on

ICUK: recognises the necessity of dealing with BOTH the need for many urgent palliatives within a dying system AND a systemic curative re-design by the participative representative democratic application of an integrated political-economy. It concentrates on the Mega-Narrative within which the UK could shape all its independent but mutually accountable communities. An update is in its formation: Please contact for latest developments.  Curative change to the political-economy like “Poetry happens in two stages, like sculpting; first the imagination, then the chisel.” Peter is in central London every Wednesday between 12 and 2pm and would like to meet you by your direct invitation or request.

LETSlink  envisages national and regional hubs – LETSlink  envisages national and regional hubs – dedicated training work is being done with individual LETS groups – latest is The Bright Exchange: see also comment on post-Brexit devolution:

Occupy’s ‘Economics Working Group’ continues to meet Mondays and Fridays 5-7pm at Friends House Euston, welcomes new visitors who drop by, and contributes papers to our network:

Further Reports are invited from our associates in the quest for inclusive justice to stir our awareness and effect change through both palliative and curative means.

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8 Min video on Independenc

Campaign for Free Parliament CFP an 8 minute video of explanation:

Mother Pelican Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability:

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COLLABORATION: Over time our weekly forum has considered important aphorisms that help the development of dialogue that takes us into new understandings of the co-operative task. Having revisited those guiding thoughts over the last 12 weeks, I now invite for responses about their use, or about any other enduring wisdom relating to collaboration.A first response this week  ‘Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.” yet work with your convictions until a wider vision urges you on in collaboration.