The Global Table
Open Forum for Monetary Justice

Welcome to the Global Table

A "Global Table" is an open meeting to discuss matters of global significance, which convenes in a public area so that people can participate on a drop-in basis.

The London Global Table has been meeting since about 1997 on Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm - originally at the Global cafe, Golden Square, then in cafe at the Friends House, Euston, London NW1, and now at the School of Economic Science. The main focus of the meeting is monetary reform. We have strong connections locally with organisations linked from this page and each of these organisations links to others.

This regular meeting has become a very important networking space - we have received visitors from all over the world. We hope that others may be inspired to set up Global Tables where they live and will want to keep in touch - we will create another links page when more links are sent to us from the wider network of support.

Rev Peter Challen chairs the table as an open meeting, and is ready to welcome all comers, but it is helpful when visiting for the first time if you would let him know by email: - peterchallen@gmail.comFORTHCOMING AGENDA - "MATTERS IN THE AIR"